Wheaton Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorney 

When in need of a domestic violence criminal defense attorney, you need an attorney who knows domestic violence laws and has domestic violence criminal defense experience. We are fully prepared to advocate for your liberties, ensuring that you are fully protected under the law. That includes trying to have the charges dropped to decreasing any penalties.

Domestic Battery Charges

Domestic battery charges may apply when someone causes or attempts to cause bodily injury and/or contact of an insulting or provoking nature against a spouse, a former spouse, a person he or she is dating, a person with whom he or she is living or a person with whom he or she used to live. There are various consequences that arise out of a domestic battery conviction.  Therefore, a knowledgeable domestic violence criminal defense attorney should be sought to help an individual charged with domestic battery explore all available options.

Contact The Law Office of LaWanda T. Phillips, LLC about Domestic Battery Charges

Our domestic violence criminal defense attorney is experienced with representing individuals with domestic battery charges and will work to get the domestic battery charges dismissed, get a not guilty verdict at trial, or get the domestic battery charges reduced and negotiate the best possible sentence. All aspects of your domestic abuse case will be thoroughly examined and explained in detail, including any possible defenses. Call us for a consultation right away, if you have a case in DuPage County, Kane County, Will County or Cook County.

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