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At The Law Office of LaWanda T. Phillips, LLC, clients are educated on what is assault and battery and their distinctions and how it may or may not apply to their criminal case. Having a criminal defense attorney that is experienced with assault and battery laws and equipped to advise anyone facing the most severe assault and battery charges is crucial. Assistance from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is crucial because certain defenses, like the defense of others and self-defense, may apply to your case.

What is Assault and Battery & Assault and Battery Charges

Perhaps you’ve thought, what is assault and battery? Assault and battery laws define a physical injury threat as an assault and physical contact as battery.  A knowledgeable assault and battery attorney is able to inform people that assault and battery charges are applicable when someone attempts to or does physically strike someone else. A criminal assault and more severe aggravated assault and battery cases involve attempts to cause and actually inflict bodily injury. An instance of assault with a deadly weapon is among the most severe of the aggravated definitions.

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When the stakes are high and you’re facing assault and/or battery charges, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience to support you. We know the assault and battery laws. Call The Law Office for a free consultation right away if you have a criminal case in DuPage County, Kane County, Will County or Cook County. We’ll thoroughly investigate your case and work to get the best possible result for you.

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